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  • Criminal History

    A background check is done routinely. Falsifying or omitting information will result in immediate application denial.
  • Housing Agreement for The Dutton House Inn

    1. Rooms listed below are available. All monies are due in advance unless other arrangements have been made with Management.
      TWIN $100 $300 $550
      FULL $110 $320 $600
      QUEEN $120 $340 $650
    2. All rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and sheets changed once a week for a fee of $100 a week. Management must have access on a daily basis for this service. If you decide to waive this service, please sign below.
    3. Occupants are not permitted to occupy a room beyond the time whereby payment is received in advance. If lodging fee is not received when due, it will be assumed that you have left the property and your room will be considered vacant.
    4. A $400 deposit is required.
    5. Occupants must be considerate to others. If an occupant has been found disruptive to others then they will be asked to vacate immediately.
    6. Illegal activity of any kind is not allowed on the property including the consumption of alcohol by minors.
    7. Smoking of any kind is not allowed inside the building. By state law you must be 20 ft away from a public building when smoking outside.
    8. Although it is the primary responsibility of management to clean common areas, it is requested that guests assist in keeping shared spaces clean.
    9. Quiet hours are between 10PM - 8AM. This means other occupants should not hear you from outside your room.
    10. Exterior doors, Entry/Exit, are to remain closed when not attended. Do not allow non-occupants to enter the building.
    11. No pets.
    12. No electric heaters. If your room is too cold or hot, please notify the management.
    13. No small appliances such as hot plates, microwaves or coffee makers are allowed in the guest room.
    14. Anyone passing a check of insufficient funds will be charged $35, plus any bank charges against management account.
    15. Please give rent to the management in person or for your convenience, envelopes are provided. Please include your name & room number. Rent is due the first of every month.
    16. In the event of any legal proceedings, occupant will pay all legal fees.
    17. Payments by credit/debit cards will be charged a $15.00 processing fee.
    18. If you have paid in excess for days that you will not occupy, you may be refunded monies, your refund will be converted to the daily/weekly rate as applicable.
    19. If you occupy a room less than 30 days, the weekly/daily rate shall apply or you can choose to pay the monthly rate without penalty.
    20. During winter months, please park in the center of the parking lot to allow for easy snow removal.
    21. Double occupancy in a full/queen room will increase the selected room rate by $100.
    I understand and agree to abide by these rules. I understand that upon my departure, my room will be clean and in the same condition as it was when moving in and if not, I understand that my deposit will be used to cover any and all damages incurred including additional cleaning. I realize that I am a short term guest and am subject to normal hotel law. The undersigned are the occupants allowed to stay in the room. Any violation of these rules may result in the immediate removal of the occupant at the managers discretion.
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